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I need advice from anybody who has experience with this. I have heard that a good upgrade to a 80 is to replace the carb with a xr100. So my question is what are the steps needed to replace a stock 1994 22mm XR80R carb with a XR100 carb. I know I need a xr100 airboot and throttle cable. Ive been all over eBay and have seen xr100 carbs for $20-$80. My stock carb and cylinder head has a 22mm intake opening and the xr100 carbs range from 25-30mm intake openings. So there is a 3-8mm difference. What do I need to do here? can I just install them as is, buy a intake manifold converter or do I need to mod the cylinder head. Also is there a preferred carb? I have seen Mikunis (with a 25 or a 30mm intake opening) which I know are awesome as I have one on my harley, but have also seen aftermarket and OEM carbs (which range from 24-28mm openings). Also do the years of the Carbs play any performance difference, I.E a 1986-2000 XR100 carb to a 2001-2011 XR100 carb. Please advise...also I am curious on a bbr or other rev box as mine is a stock one and really bogs my bike down.

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