USD on xr600

Just got the new Dirt Rider, it has a history of the xr600 in it and apparently at one point in his career Scott Summers rode with USD's on the 600. i was always lead to believe by other posters on TT that USD's on the XR's on the factory level was a no no, unless at the time Summers was not a factory rider.:thumbsup: now if i can figure out how to use the scanner i will post up pics.

xr600.jpg here is the pic

Is the that the july issue?

BITD, Scott would run White Power USD's for certain races, and the conventional forks for other races. The "no-no" deal about USD's on XR's, ie; frame cracking etc is a bunch of crap. Until I see it, I dont believe it. I have some old Dirt Rider mags from the 90's. There was a right up about it. I'll see if I can find the issue

Is the that the july issue?



just reread an article on scotts crf450 that had conventional forks, he said that the USD had an advantage in the ruts, but the conv, were more compliant

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