motor swap

What does it take to put a 2001 motor in a 2002 frame.

1. Does the motor mounts line up also head mount?

2. Does the exhaust bolt right on?

3. does the sub frame and airbox mount up without mods?

4. What the hardest part and what does it take to make it work?

I would like to hear from someone who has done this thier self to get first hand info.

Thanks alot everyone.

I am in the process of this right now... Here's what I can offer. Swingarm and bottom mounts lined right up. I had to make my own new head stays, the stock ones are too short. The front mounts need to be drilled and filled in as they do not match up. My 01 pipe fit fine using a 02+ silencer. The only other mod I am doing is shaving down the frame some where the kicker is. It rubs the frame and would eventually wear itself in but I plan on powdercoating the frame and do not want it wearing through the powdercoat. Hope that helps!

thanks for the info. On the fill and drill the front mount how hard it that, are you doing it yourself or a machine shop? Have you got to the carb and airbox yet?

It was hard to drill out one side but once that side is drilled all you have to do is get a long drill bit and put it through the engine mount to drill out the other side. I will have a shop fill it in with weld to ensure it's done properly. I currently mocked it up with the 01 carb and 02+ airbox. I do plan to switch out the airboot to the 01 to help it seal better and switch the carb to a PWK. Here's some assembly pics if it helps, this can be done mostly with basic tools. Currently I have not ridden the bike as I'm still in assembly and refining things.


















wow, now that's how you answer a question! good info.

Pull you head/cylinder off on your 02+ send it to Pro Circuit or PR2 and put on a PWK carb. You will have better stronger powerand more than what you will ever use. You will never want to look at a 01 or older motor ever again.

If I had a good running 02+ I probably wouldn't have bothered doing a swap. I'm not a pro rider and could probably barely tell a difference. I had a minty mint 01 and bought a 02 frame/swinger/sub for my cr500 conversion and then stumbled upon a blown up 02 and picked it up for cheap. Figured might as well have both my bikes running the same chasis so I can swap parts among them if need be.

Looks great, nice job!

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