Sprocket bolts

Hey guys

My rear sprocket bolts always come lose after a full day of riding and i know it can't be helping my chain wear out too much. i lost one before and i got a replacement and thought maybe that'd fix it but they still come lose. Its done it the past two times i've gone riding. what could it be? thanks


Once they come loose they get stretched and fatigued. You will never get them to stay tightened. In fact you will end up breaking them and in the process your rear hub. The only solution is to replace the bolts, loctite them, and torq to specs, not over tighten them.

EnduroDog is right on. Ditto!

Take them all off and clean them real good. Then put red Lock Tite on them and reef them down. That outta hold 'em.... :)

i want in on this one. Use red loctite. But if you do lose one while riding tighten the others and carry with you in your pack some heavy duty zip ties. That will get you through the rest of the day. Even though missing one may not be the end of the world. OR i have not tried it but couldnt you get those lock nuts that would fit the bolt. If so that would be a way to not lose any of then. Might be worth trying. Ok bye now

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