Mark My Words


Stewie will not even get into the top three for the 2011 SX season.

I just needed a thread with correct info, since the other one title "Mark my words" is WRONG. :thumbsup:

STOP IT!:thumbsup:

Trouble maker........:thumbsup:

Good call Captain Hindsight!

Welcome to last week......

Its funny, and you know it. :thumbsup:

Children Posting In The Forum.

Ok kids play

Its funny, and you know it. :worthy:

I'm not sure about funny, but it is the truth, and the truth hurts - at least for some :confused: (e.g. smokinscott, johnyb)

How about another, this one will occur in the future. Mark my words, James Stewart will AGAIN ride another SX season without the #1 plate attached to his bike.:thumbsup:

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