Thinking of getting KLX300; got some ?'s

I've been kicking around the idea of getting a KLX300. I used to have a 2005 KX250f that I tried to trail ride. It just did not have the bottom end I needed. I'm a pretty big guy (6'1 250), and was thinking the 300 might have what I needed. And just for the people who are gonna say get a 450, I had a KTM 450, and it was WAY too much bike for me. I need something with a little more power than the kx250f, but not as much as a 450. Is the klx300 where I should be looking? I would really like to get a KLX400, but there out of my price range.



No. I just got a 98 klx 300 just for a play bike, trails and pit riding and some street. I am comming off a yz250f. and the 250f is leaps and bounds more powerful and way better suspension. I am 5'10" and 220 and the 300 will have to be resprung. I dont have really any time on the 300 but from what I read it needs alot of mods which luckily my 300 came with to be a good off road bike. your kawi is much better than the 300 will ever be. Done get me wrong the 300 will be a fun bike to ride but nothing like the new 250's. the klx 300 stock has about 21 -23 hp and your kawi has about 36 hp maybe a drop more. Oh for you bike go 1-2 teeth in back to make it more trail worthy,

I have an 03 KLX 300 with Dynojet, works head pipe, stock muffler, moded airbox and crankcase breather. I'm 6-1 200 Lbs and it gets me anywhere I want to go. My buds ride KTM 450 and YZ 125, have no trouble keeping up and I'm a senior citizen. I'm sure Jet, needle, drilling slide and head pipe helped. Rode 2 smokes for years but really like this 300! my .02

Your KX and the KLX are a tough comparison. While the KX250 is going to have more power, it's a different type of power for sure. The 300 has very useable power right off idle, and it's useable and controllable for just about anyone all the way through the powerband. It's also a lower maintenance engine overall. I agree with Honda88 about the suspension needing some work to be satisfactory if you're discriminating to any degree. I put Race Tech springs and Gold Valve kits in the front and rear, and it made a world of difference. The 300 doesn't need as many performance mods as the 250S version, but a good jetting match to an aftermarket header/muffler does help. Your description here as to what you're after could be filled by a 300 if you're not into racing and just want a fun, reliable, torquey, trailbike. I used to race enduros and had all manner of real racing bikes, but I don't want that type of power or bike for the kind of riding I do now. The KLX300 or a highly modded KLX250S are capable of some serious riding in pretty harsh conditions, but they won't do it as fast or as easy as a full blown race bike...but they will do it and won't try to kill you in the process.:smirk:

^ that's some wisedom, right there

The aftermarket oversize header and a pumper carb make the 300 (or 250) feel like a different bike. If you buy one with a oem header and that POS CVK carb, you won't be happy with a 250 or a 300.

Heavier duty(than the oem) front springs would be a must for you as well.

Other than that, seems like the bike you should be looking at. The 250 is street legal. There are a few 300's street legal, best of both worlds as the 300 is lighter.

Let me kind of tell you guys what riding I do. Trails, obviously, but slow trails. Rocks, tight turns, then straight up hills. My KX250f wanted to be ridden like a 125 2 stroker. It was gutless on the bottom end, and wanted to just scream all the time. Where I ride that isn't always possible. I did not like the hit of the 250(like I said, it rode like a 125). I like the BROAD power a 4 stroke gives. I want to be able to lug it then not worry about having to clutch the crap out of it to get up a hill like I did the 250. I'm guessing the gearing in the transmission is different between the klx and the kx correct? I don't motorcross anymore(too old for that stuff) but I will jump it some. The bike I'm looking at is an 2003 KLX300R. Anything particular to look for or avoid? Thanks for the input guys!!:smirk:


The KLX300 will definitely work in the tight stuff. Mine still has the stock carb and because of that, throttle response is pretty slow even with a Big Gun Pipe, jetting kit and open airbox. If I knew who sells the pumper carb for it, I'd check into it for sure, I'm a pretty small rider, but I like the response of my Husqvarna TE450 in all but the gnarliest, steepest terrain....well, I guess I really don't like how tall that bike is in the gnarliest, steepest terrain. The KLX300 is a lot more compact and easier to touch the ground on.

Big difference in the trans between the 2. KLX has a perfect woods trans, wide ratio 6 spd. KX, close ratio 5 spd. There's no waiting for the power to build either, just roll it on and it goes, good motor.

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