trackside motorcycle stand

does anyone have feedback on this stand? cyclegear has the black one on sale for $39 down from $79. I have been needing one, and seems like a great price. are they good stands for support or will they bend?

and are all stands the same height? or are some brands taller than others? i have been using a five gallon bucket. this stand does not seem much taller than that if at all, but when my bike is on the bucket, both wheels are still touching the ground. i would like something just slightly taller if possible.

If never had any problems with it. Its just a stand. And its plenty tall enough. It'll look cooler than your 5 gallon bucket, and won't break as soon as you walk over to the toolbox and break your brand new clutch lever!

i have one similar and its works good, i mean it is just a stand, other than the rubber all ripping apart it has head up good

I have that exact stand and it has held up great. I have a CRF250 (Name sake) and my back wheel just touches the ground depending how far forward or back my bike is on the stand. Also has no wobble and is pretty sturdy. Only thing that broke after 6 years was one of the plastic clips that holds the tray in place but that was mostly my fault. (dont leave it out on the ground for people to step on)

my stand is almost exactly the same and i got it at harbor freght for $20, and my bike sits perfectly on it, the way it leans depends on how much gas it has in it.

The harbor freight lift stand works great. Get one wheel off the ground depending on where you set it on the frame. Dirt rider and dirtbike mag normally have coupons for them for $20

I also got the Harbor Freight trackside lookalike. Was $20. Got a magnet dish to set on the side for screws, etc. Stable. My opinion a stand is an upgraded milk crate (only so many details that serve a purpose). If you want it taller, screw a 2x10 to the top.

The HB lift stand is mediocre.

yea i have that stand, picked it up on black friday for $29.99. it works fine, its not real flimsy or anything, hasnt bent and Im not really being careful with it. Go pick it up.

I have four different stands. Got three of them with bikes I bought. One is the regular aluminum trackside stand, nothing special. Second is a lift stand, really like it, third is a green crate, gotta love it, kinda a dual purpose thing. The fourth I actually bought, not for a stand, but works great. It is a set of jack stands, one under each peg mount and the bike don't move. Haven't seen a bad one yet, they all do their job. My son likes the lift stand, he's 12 and hates lifting the CR85, would rather push the stand under and step.


cheap multi use stand created by TXsandman




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