Help identifying hoses & troubleshooting

Hey Guys,

Just picked up a 1995 DR350SE at a great price because it wasn't running :thumbsup:

I'm not familiar with the DR's though as this is my first. I could use some help identifying two hoses as well as troubleshooting a problem

Hose #1

-this could be an overflow hose from the carb? should it be capped? or is it supposed to be connected to something?

Hose #2

-This looks to me like a crankcase breather hose of some sort, but it isn't connected to anything. What should it be connected to?

Lastly, i have been able to get the bike to run, but only on choke and only for a little bit. This could be due to these hose issues. Any other thoughts or things i should look for? I've already changed the gas and the plug.


Steve the DR newbie

Just made an additional discovery...seems that the rogue breather tube should be connected to the airbox, but the airbox connection is capped for some reason on this bike. Any reason why i would want it capped? should i just restore it back to having the breather connect straight to there?

here's what im talking about

Thanks for the link. cant get it to work though. could you post a screenshot of it or a different link?

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It's a very good site for DR350's.

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