Need help deciding whether I should get a truck or a van.

I'm moving into a two person apartment with a friend of mine in a couple months. I'm trying to get back into riding, so once I sell my car, I'm going to get a truck or a van... I've been considering an Econoline with a bunch of space in the back, which I could also use as a garage for my bike. On the other hand, it doesn't really seem all that practical, especially with the gas prices now. I've also been looking at early 2000's Rangers, found a 2001 4x4 with 80k miles for 8000 on autotrader. But then I would have to keep my bike in the apartment, which might piss off my friend. What should I do?

Vans rock:thumbsup:

Just picked up an extended Savana. I plan to keep my stuff in it full time and just need to add a bike when its time to ride. Might even keep the bike in there to so I have more room in the garage.

Checkout the motovan threads around here. You will get the bug.

Around here any 2001 Ford ranger would not cost $8000 keep looking

U can live out of an extended van, and then drop the room mate idea and save money.:thumbsup:

Keep the bike on an ultimate MX hauler off the back.

Just drive thru a walmart parking lot at this economy lots of folks now live out of vans.


After seeing those motovans, I'm definitely fond of that idea... how many miles would be too many for an Express van? I see a 2005 2500 for $6995 on Autotrader with 132k miles, is that a good deal? And what would I be looking at MPG-wise?

lol, if the year doesn't matter then you can find lower mileage vans. Keep looking, and I wouldn't pass on a good shape passenger van if you come by one

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