CRF250X making noise when electric starting.

Recently my X has began making a clunk noise when I am trying to start it with the E start. It will be turning over then clunk, it stops. Doesn't seem to happen when kickstarting allthough it does sometimes kick back and it also sometimes feels like it is skipping gears when I'm kicking it. Also today I noticed the compression seemed to increase, and it seems to have stayed that way. (Noticed when kicking it) Any ideas what my problems(s) may be?

sounds like it may be a decompression release issue???

That sounds like a good place to start. How can I go about checking that?

im not sure really,do you have a service manual?if not i would get one of those to start,they tell you how to tear the whole bike apart in that thing,theres also a trouble shooting section i think

I have the competition & owners manual. It shows a lot of stuff but I'm not sure if ti is the service manual. Where could I get a PDF of the service manual?

i dont know were to get a PDF file of the service manual,i bought mine from the honda dealer for 25$ i think

I guess thats my best bet then, should I ride the bike in the mean time?

man i dont want to tell you can ride it then it grenade on you or something,i think if my bike was doing the same thing i would try to figure out what was wrong with it first

I know my 450X starter makes a loud clunk, particularly when you shut the bike off. Never been a problem thus far. If I read this correctly is your starter stopping when it should still be trying to start the bike?

Also you mentioned your compression feels like it is higher than before...may want to confirm that by testing...could be valve adj needed or something. But if the starter is having to work harder against some new force, def want to check it out before riding again.

I have done google searches with these words: Free Service Manual PDF Make/Model of Your Bike. Then sort through a several links and eventually land the pdf I need. Lots of times someone in a forum has links in their signature line, or you find a manual swapping link. Sometimes torrent sites have these.

Yup I'm talking about when I am trying to start the bike. I don't have a compression tester but I can tell you for sure that my right intake has closed up so hopefully we can blame all my problems on that...Also the bike it seems is due for a decompression spring replacement so I'm sure that will do it good as well. I'm hoping that I will be able to shim my valve soon and I'll update with how the bike is doing after that.

I'll try doing the google searching you mentioned or I'll just buy myself a service manual.

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