09kx250f cartridge Q

I just replaced a fork seal, and something troubled me. I don't know the names of these parts, so forgive me. There is a a large valve type thing that slides up and down the cartridge tube. When installed this gets pushed up by the spring. Now just above that there's a washer and a small part that looks like a bushing. These are held in place by a snap ring on top. My question is: Is there supposed to be a snap ring below those bits as well? There appears to be a groove for one, but there was no snap ring in place on my fork.

I was alarmed because those parts seem to have been moving a bit and I can see wear marks on the cartridge tube just below the groove.

no it wont have a snap ring, thats the spring seat, it will drop down when the spring is not in place, you do see scuffing in that area, can you post a pic?

OK, the spring seat I can see should drop when the spring is missing, but what about those two little bits above it? I think they stop the spring seat from going up further? should those also be able to move down when the spring is missing?

I actually put it back together without taking a pic, but I could see scuffing on the tube in the top inch or so where the spring seat sit (spring installed).

from top to 'bottom'


two rings

spring seat

the rings and the spring seat move freely up and down (whith spring is not installed)

Thanks! That was exactly what I needed to know.

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