Reply ASAP!!!

Can xt225 kill switch work on tw200?

Edited by tanarjh

two posts and already making demands. I had a girlfriend like that once - for two posts too!

I am in dieng need of help and really need a reply asap plz

Try it and find out. :thumbsup:

Kill switch is a kill switch.

Do both motorcycles have 7/8" bars?

Do both motorcycles use wires to make the engine run or die?

Is this really rocket science?

All i asked was a simple question i dont need sarcasim...And actually yeah a kill switch is a kill switch but if you didnt realize the ends are different so all wont fit...Thank you guys so much for your help -.-

ouch - now that's sarcasm...

I remember that ex girlfriend would do that a lot. *sigh* warm memories (or was that mamories... :thumbsup:)

It appears no one has tried your particular combination of kill switches - so it looks like you get to be the experimenter. Post back your results so other can learn from it.

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