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Hey guys, the guy next door sold his rm and as a result is selling his trailer. I was wondering if it would be useable for 2 bikes, so thought i'd ask 0 his is centered on it with a bike 'stand' thing (not sure what they're really called heh, the thing for your front wheel).

From what i can tell (fast look, ill go check tomorrow when he's home) it appears to be 4x7, maybe 5 wide - ill verify as soon as i see him this week, the actual bed, and then the wheel width. seems to be as wide as his jetta with the wheel width included .reason i think that's the size is it looks like he has a single piece of plywood on top of the trailer bed (no sides, just the hooks for ratchets and stuff). it's basically a utility trailer without the side walls. Would you be able to fit 2 bike stands on it and have the bikes safely ratcheted down? One would be angled normally to the far side, but the outside one would be pretty close to straight down.

Any thoughts on this? He's selling it quite cheap compared to any other's i've seen. so i'm pretty interested, but only if you can fit 2 bikes on it safely. (it will be used for a single bike at times also, ill just put a 3rd stand wedged and bolted between then outer ones as there wont be 3 at a time, it would be fine)

any thoughts would be appropriated,

thanks all!

erm, thinking about it if its only 4 wide i don't see how 2 bikes could fit on it.. 5 woud be doable but not 4=( hope its 5 lol


I have had three bikes on my 5x8, so two should be no problem even if its only 4 wide. If its tight you can either stagger them or put one bike backwards.

Its possible. You may have to stagger them but I fit 2 bikes in the back of my avalanche and I'm pretty sure my bed is only 4' wide. Oh and the "stand" thing you are talking about is called a wheel chock.

i have 5x8 and put 3 bikes on it. The outer straps are close to vertical but never had a problem. The middle bike goes in backwards.

My trailer is 4x8 but I added a piece of 2x2x6ft square tube to the front,and added eye hooks for the tie downs.

Yea, I've had 3 bikes in a 5x8 before exactly as mentioned (and in a truck bed), 2 front 1 backwards. I was just worried about the 4' wide (maybe 5, but i don't think so) with the bikes being on the very edge and how the ratchets would be affected, then started to worry about the bars, but I never thought to stagger them, it would only take 3" or so to make the difference it would need, which would also allow the bikes to be further in the bed width wise as it wouldn't be grip to grip. Been thinking about one backwards, also. I'll probably end up going with that just so they can be slightly further from the edges seeing as there is no sides on it it would bother me I think, worried if one of their rear ends slid. I guess I'll take a close look at the trailer tomorrow, measure it just for piece of mind and hopefully pick it up!

i've been spoiled with my friends ram with it's big bed, so a 4' wide trailer with no sides had me worried!

Thanks a bunch guys, you've helped me decide! if it's 4 when i measure, or larger, i'll be picking it up for the summer, till i get a new truck next year:D can't go wrong for $500 (here, at least lol)

EDIT: so i just measured the bikes together, and staggered it would still be about 53" from one side bars to the others outer side, that's with leaving 1" between the bikes. hurmm.. not looking so good again. now i realize i wouldn't be ratcheting them down from the end of the bars, take away maybe 5" per side since i do it between my throttle and brake on 1 side, and before the clutch on the other ... but my concern again would be that there would only be about 2.5" wide of distance when ratcheting it down from bars to the eyeholes . not sure how to explain that heh. that would make them perfectly vertical.. :thumbsup: sigh. i want my truck lol

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4ft is plenty of room for 2 bikes. with no sides on the trailer just use 4 tie downs for each bike. just to make it more secure. i had a 4x8 and it was perfect for 2 bikes.

4ft is plenty of room for 2 bikes. with no sides on the trailer just use 4 tie downs for each bike. just to make it more secure. i had a 4x8 and it was perfect for 2 bikes.

awesome, thanks! exactly what I was looking for, someone who's used the same size trailer :thumbsup: Did you have then staggered slightly (i'm guessing, only way i can see it fitting). Were your tie downs pretty much vertical, the outside ones?

My gf's dad is a welder, so i was even thinking of having the tie downs welded onto something (well, make new ones) that stick out the width of the wheels to give it that extra little bit seeing as the trailer is teh width of between the wheels..

add tie points about 1 ft out from the side of the trailer, you'll be fine

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