looking to get rid of the stock tires....

what is everyone running any happy with and what size

what kinda mileage you getting out of them?

I ride 100% dirt and thinking track days soon

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dirt or street ?

Was just going to edit it

100% street possibly track days in future

I'm running the Avon Distanzia's and love them :thumbsup: 120/70 frt 150/60 rear and for the track I run the Shinko SM slicks in the same sizes.

Yes I used to run the Distanzia's on the track too :worthy: but I ride anywhere I see :busted: 6000 miles on them with 3 SM race weekends and 5 practice days :confused:

Are you commuting on these tyres or is this a play bike that will see commute here and there?

There's a bunch of members including debi above that like the avons, but I as a commuter cannot justify the cost of them.

I have gone through Michelins, continentals, shinko's, and dunlops of differed sorts. So far my favorites are Pilot Powers and various shinko's.

Stay away from the conti's if you commute or see any prolonged HWY use. They are way to soft for everyday hooligan commuting unless you don't mind shelling out $250 a set every 2,000 miles.

Pilot Powers have got cheaper over the years and thus made them one of the most like tires out there. When I had them they were more expensive then conti's. But they last longer have better feel and do just as great on the street as they do on the track.

I have been a commuter since day one and mileage is a very high priority for me, and cost is important. I have been using Shinkos for the last couple of years and can't say anything bad about them what so ever. For my maiden launch I went with the Raven 009. As it was marketed as there highest mileage sport touring tire. It lived up to what is said. I used it mainly in the winter and that year I rode year round wet or very wet. Never skipped a beat. I got arOund 5000 miles out of them and it would have been more but summer cAme and I started using them on shorter faster rides and soon ate them up.

They had good feel, the only con was that it had a very flat profile and was very slow dropping into corners. But stuck like glue and was only 138 shipped for a set to my door.

I have the shinko podiums on right now and are another good tire. There a medium compound tire so mileage is showing relatively quickly with a little over 1000 miles on them. I have a few broken bones and won't be putting many miles on them for a little while. But so far I like them. I have only really used them for commuting and maybe two fast rides. I like the front tire more then the rear as the rear slides easily but maybe I'm just heavy on the brakes. Like I said, mileage isn't rhe best but for the money I love them.

Some well do the powers hold up I had a pair on my 636 and loved them

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