CRF250X Oil leak near trans drain bolt

I just changed my oil and filter and the trans oil. There is a small oil leak near the trans oil drain bolt. I do not want to over torque it but I don't know why it is leaking. Should the washer be replaced?

Thanks for your help,


If you area afraid of over torquing you should replace the washer. You may want to give it a little twist to see if you can minimize it until next service, then replace.

Been there........replace washer, problem solved.

Been there........replace washer, problem solved.

+1 The washers will leak after awhile and should be replaced when needed.

I thought I had the same problem after I changed the oil and trans fluid. I wound up changing the washer, putting silicone around it, taking apart and inspecting it. I eventually found that the leak was not coming from the trans drain screw. What I found was the oil seal on the drive sprocket was pushed out. I simply took the drive sprocket off and tapped the seal back into the housing. I have not had a leak since that day. I dont know why it pushed out when I changed my fluids.

i just changed my tranny fuild tonight and i dont have a washer on my drain leaks either???

Thanks for the help. I will take a closer look and see what the best solution is.

Mine did the same thing so I just gave the bolt a little twist....Problem solved.

I had the same problem last year. I believe it's an aluminum crush washer. You can try to re-use after each drain, but there's the chance it may leak after repeated tightenings / crushing. You can replace with stock washer from dealer, but they're kinda much $$ for just a washer. Another solution is box of copper washers you can get from Harbor Freight tools. For the price of one stock aluminum washer, I think you get 100 copper. You don't want to replace with a steel washer from a hardware store as it may gouge the case. The metal needs to be something soft enough to not gouge the case.

^ yep. Otherwise there are 250X sealing kits on eBay for cheap!

Wow! This has been driving me crazy! I always have a small puddle of oil on the floor under my bike. The Engine side is constant(a good thing). I'm not loosing much, but there's always that slow drip. Today I looked and noticed it was all black near the tranny drain plug and sprocket area. I' gonna go for some copper washers and check the seal around the drive sprocket. I read another post (on another forum) where a guy had a cracked tranny case(from the factory) and I was hoping it wasn't that.

I'll let yas know . . .

i just changed my tranny fuild tonight and i dont have a washer on my drain leaks either???

probably yours has been torqued in so many times, and gotten so flattened out that you are actually just thinking it is the flange on the bolt.

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