Help!!!!!! Im clueless

I was out riding my 07 ktm 200xc-w this weekend, come on to the road and went through the gears and did a wide open run for about 7 or 8 seconds then let off the throttle pulled out into the field and noticed the bike was smoking like crazy. I rode a few more minutes and still smoking like crazy so I took it back to the house and shut it off, while it was off smoke was rolling out the exhuast even while not running. I checked the crankcase oil and antifreeze all full. Started the bike back up about 15 minutes later and blipped the throttle a couple of time and all was back to normal, just normal smoke on throttle opening and closing. I took it out and rode it, heavy smoke was gone. I noticed the smell of the smoke was like old oil, not a sweet smell like antifreeze. Im stumped, the only thing I can think of is it had carbon on the power valves maybe and the high speed run caused more heat build up than normal and ignited some of it???? Has anyone ever experianced this. Im stumped:bonk:

Burning premix oil left over in the pipe and silencer when hot. My Buddy's 300exc does this and his packing is real old and oil soaked. How old is your packing?

yep, if it wasn't white smoke, then you were just burning off build up with high temps of WOT.

My packing is pretty old, the smoke was normal color of two stroke smoke kinda greyish white. I kinda figured thats what it was cause it cleared up on its own and the smoke had a old gas/oil smell to it. Thanks guys for your input.

Leads me to think you may be a little lean in the jetting and the harder to ride the hoter it gets....

Ha wait till it catches on fire, that is interesting to see. If you feel up to it pop the cylinder head and see how the engine is burning. Also, you can take the pipe off and use a torch to burn off the goo inside the pipe, just get the pipe red hot it will burn. Repack the muffler;)


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