muffler packing quieter than stock

I have an 03' 450, Just put back on the stock muffler, been since on the shelf since new and finally decided to ditch the VERY loud CHM exhaust. Just wondering if there is a packing that is quieter than stock packing. I just also installed a DGdawg too, I have to pass 96 db to do a charity ride in a month. I plan on having my local shop do a db test for me before hand.

I see people recommending the MSR Silent Sport packing frequently but if you want a comparable product made in the US checkout what Moose Racing sells. They sell both loose packing and an universal muffler pillow.

If you Google Moose Racing muffler packing you'll see what I am talking about.

PS from what I've been told most of the OEM packing is actually quite good but if you price it at the dealer it is substantially more than aftermarket.

The OEM muffler cartridge is MUCH better than any aftermarket packing.

that loose stringy stuff is garbage !!! Blows out in no time and is not quiet in my opinion.

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