fmf factory 4.1 or dr. d stainless

I have the choice between a fmf factory 4.1 exhaust with megabomb or a dr.d stainless. Have the choice between fmf because im getting an amazing deal. Which would be better for more all around power?

What year bike?

2009. I have new pegs, tires, bars, grips, unbreakable levers and factory connection revalve

also ive read that mrd makes a good pipe?

As long as you jet your bike properly after they will both be great. I love FMF personally. I think the 4.1 with megabomb is killer. I have it on my 2011 with a remap and it is SIIIIICCCKK!

Ya I think the fmf with megabomb just makes the bike look sick. But if the others give a little more power, ill take power over looks, and ya I'm going to get the bike jetted

I went back home to Texas for a visit and caught the Dallas SX. Talked to one of the Eleven10Mods/Renegade Fuel mechanics who had nothing but positive to say about the FMF's exhausts they're using in 2011. He said they tested numerous systems before landing on FMF.

ya it seems that the fmf 4.1 is a great pipe. Im getting an amazing deal if i do get it. Full system with megabomb for $330!! the drd and mrd are new but the fmf pipe doesnt look like its been abused

any other opinions before i buy?so far looks like im getting fmf unless the others are better?

oh ya also the fmf exhaust looks like it has a dent on it will that effect performance?

it would have to be pretty big to affect performance, for 330 id take it. is it TI or SS?

Its not that big looks like the original owner may have laid it down and dented the right side a bit in the middle and uts titanium

i have the fmf power bomb and 4.1 and it is awesome! sounds great, looks badass, and has plenty of muscle for me

I just put a FMF MEGABOMB on my fully modded 2005 wr450 with a Dr. d pipe because that was on the bike when i bought it, The change was unbelievable !!! doesn't sound like a helicopter anymore. Its a little quieter and a little higher pitched really sounds good. Low end torque is crazy , you can bog it like a tractor without stalling it , mid range is crazy its like a new bike , no noticeable affect to the top end just that you get there faster ! MEGABOMB will vaporize nylon on contact ! But fully worth the purchase

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