klx140 engines only throttle cable

i have a klx140 with the conversion to 160,28mmcarb, have had trouble with everything i got from engines only but i have got it down to just a throttle cable problem. it seems like i can't get the throttle cable adjusted, the stock had a metal 90 degree end at the carb the one from engines only has a rubber boot and that is it, every time you hit the throttle when it returns it is at a different idle speed, does anybody have any ideas on how to make this work?or do i have to have a cable made? thanks joe

Frank did my 160 motor and the thing was perfect right out of the chute. Be sure you have enough slack at the top of the carb and that you have not kinked it somehow. run it right up tight against the frame under the tank and put a couple of tie wraps on it to keep it from moving forward. Don't tighten them so much that they bind the cable.

Engines Only makes those cables for the KLX so it is specific to your bike.

Also check the carb slide and that it is clean and did not pickup some grit when you installed the cable.

frank had a new guy make the intake and it is too long which he never fixed for me thus pushing the carb tward the rear of the bike making the space between the tank and the top of the carb very small. but i fixed it by putting a steel brake line over the cable that i bend a 90 on and tie wraped to the frame. huge difference. wish my motor was perfect out of the chute, i had problems with every thing he sent or did, he sent the wrong rings, the valve clearance was way off,nothing fit my bike(ie exhaust,intake,air filter) and all he did was argue that my frame was bent, when i kept telling him the bike is an 2011 and has never been ridden.

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