Brake return spring question

So I got my freebies from hammerhead the other day. Putting my rear brake pedal on and it comes with the return spring set up that mounts on the master cylinder. There were no instructions included so, has anyone used this return before? Do I keep the oem nut on the shaft or take it off. I have it all hooked up but there is no feeling/play in the pedal. It only moves a tiny bit no matter how I adjust it. Here is a picture.


That is just another picture of the product not connected to a bike, but thanks.

I bought one of the Hammerhead brake pedal for my 07 KX250F.....Mine did not come with the spring for the master cylinder......I just used my stock return great.......

didn't they also come up with a crash resistant brake travel stop after a rear brake incident in Supercross?

Those things are pretty trick.


If you get a some pics of to check it out......

If you get a some pics of to check it out......

I will. The only thing I don't like is that all the parts they gave me were black. Black brake lever w/black tip, black shifter with black tip, black axle blocks, etc. Not complaining becuase it was free, but the green would have looked less Metal Mulishaish.

I say it still looks pretty good.........:thumbsup:

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