XR400 bogs at high rpms

I have a 98 XR400, stock exhaust, snorkel installed, stock air filter (I think), and stock carb. When I'm about 75% throttle the bike bogs real bad, then as I go past the bogs goes away then returns again at wide open throttle. The main jet is 158 and pilot is 58. And ideas? I've been told to go to a lower # main jet and lean it out. Suggestions?

I'm guessing you're near sea level, so yeah I too think your jetting is rich for a stock bike.

Well to find out what jets you need at your temp. and altitude, use a correction factor chart in your manual. Don't have one? I'm sure google has a chart you could use. I would recommend doing a complete cleaning of your carb. if jet correction does not work. And if you don't know what to clean it with I have had good success with laundry detergent in the past. If you remove your carb. don't be lazy, CLEAN IT UP!! it takes a while but if you clean it well I promise amazing results.

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