New to me Husky TE510

just picked up a used 2008 husky te 510 this weekend and went for my first ride the other morning on it.

a little background on me. besides todays ride, i have only ridden once on the trails on a dirtbike. i've got over 20 years experience on quads and i do have a bmw gs that i take on fireroads and clean trails. but for all out trail riding on 2 wheels, i have 1 ride under my belt for experience.

todays ride was fun and was an eye opener. only 1 spill and it was while i was going over a bunch of down trees. the ride was enjoyable but sure was tiring. got a lot of forearm pump while riding and it made it difficult to control going over the rocks. overall it was a fun short first ride. the eye opening was just how different it is from riding on the road to the trail. i've got many years on the road and some track experience but most of that is out the window in the woods.

about the bike....its just about stock with the exception of the powerup kit and arrow exhaust. with the amount of rocks in my area, i have on order a skid plate, barkbusters, radiator guards and a shark fin.

it was funny, before i left for the ride today, i sat on the bike to move it and while getting off, i knocked off one of the rear turn signals. my friends and neighbors that ride were telling me to take the stock turn signals off prior to riding because they were going to get knocked off. well i didn't even leave my driveway and that happened!!!

so needless to say, i want to get rid of that large rear tail section and get some kind of fender elimanator kit with flush mounted turn signals. i also want to get smaller turn signals for the front. any recommendations will be grately appreciated.

another thing i noticed is that the gearing seemed a little too high. i believe it has the stock gearing 13/47. any feedback on how low i should go? its pretty technical and rocky around here so high speed runs in the woods by me. mostly 1 and second gear around here.

thanks again for your assistance and i'm looking forward to my next ride!

One of my riding buddies, (fitness2go) worked up some pretty sweet, VERY low profile rear turn signals. Give him a PM and he can probably point you in the right direction.

thanks, will do!

To gear down, you need a bigger rear sprocket. Not too many guys are going this way, since the bike is somewhat top end limited for highway.

Also, there's not a lot of room to move the rear wheel forward to compensate for the larger rear sprocket. You might have to add a link to the chain (hopefully, somebody will have specific experience with this will comment).

Try a 48 rear, and see how you like that.

wouldn't i be able to drop 1 tooth in the front instead of going bigger in the rear? i always thought 1 tooth down in the front is equivelant to 3 up in the rear.

also, i don't plan on doing many highway miles on this bike. my road miles will be limited. i have another bike for the tarmac!

I don't think anybody makes a 12 tooth for the front. 13 (stock) 14, and 15.

i am going to leave the stock gearing alone for a little while. i have to learn the bike and just learn to ride off road as well.

one thing i just noticed is that i have a hole in my airbox. right at the point where the exhaust pipe is the closest to the airbox. thats a bad design if you ask me. i just filled it with some epoxy but need some better solutions.

is this happening to most bikes?

i am going to leave the stock gearing alone for a little while.

The stock gearing on my 07 TE510 was 13/50

I ride the tech stuff with 13/47 and most other dualsport riding with 15/47 but am going to try a new 16 tooth sprocket for more speed ( but no hill climes) when I'm riding pavement and fire roads makin some time.:thumbsup:

Q; one thing i just noticed is that i have a hole in my airbox. right at the point where the exhaust pipe is the closest to the airbox. is this happening to most bikes?

A;It happend on my honda but I noticed before there was a hole. I put aluminum tape on the areas close to the pipe and that reflected the heat well.

If the suspension fells stiff I just turned out the "C" and "R" adjustments on the front forks and the rear shock until it was dialed in as best as I could with what the bike has. It's good now but was harsh when I got it.

Hope this helps.


went for my second ride today and i'm thinking that the 13/47 is still too high for the riding around here. i'm constantly finding myself grabbing for the clutch to slow myself down going through the real rocky stuff. basically everything over here is either, real rocky or just rocky.

part of me is thinking that the 510 is too much bike for around here and that i might be better off with a 310 husky. i think i'll just stick it out for a little while.

i'm still learning and i am having a hard time riding while standing up. my throttle control is not as good while standing and that makes me sit. i just feel like i am out of control standing.

this probably has nothing to do with the bike but all me. any good videos on the here or the web to help me out?

for the tight stuff around here i run 12-47,it helps greatly with the slow speed stuff.(08 510 te)

for dirt 12 and 13 front sprockets with 47, with my sm wheels on the street i have 14 and 15 front and 42 rear sprockets. best part is any of these combos the stock chain works.

in the really tight stuff it does feel like the bike is just to big at times,riding my buddys 125's and 250's feel much eaiser.but i also like when the trail opens up and i can just leave them way way behind:thumbsup:

riding while standing the best thing to do is to stay loose,try to not let your upper body get to tense.

My 06 came with 13\50 stock.

If your riding doesn't really include high speed (55 MPH+)

I'd go with 13\52.:thumbsup:

My 06 came with 13\50 stock.

If your riding doesn't really include high speed (55 MPH+)

I'd go with 13\52.:thumbsup:

would i have to get a longer chain if i run the 13/52 combo?

Dan O, thanks for the tips and letting me know that the 12/47 combo be able to be run with the stock chain.

as far as the stand up riding, i think its just something i have to get comfortable with on this bike. the times i've taken my gs offroad, i rode it while standing and felt very comfortable. i didn't have whiskey throttle and i felt in control. and thats on a bike that weighs almost 600lbs.

i'm guessing that its just me and my confidence on a small, lighter, powerful bike thats making me be apprehensive.

thanks again guys, keep the info coming:thumbsup:

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