Did the EXC bikes ever get the new frame?

I have poured over old tests and magizines but cany find the answer.

Did the EXC bikes get the SX-F frame from last year or the tear before where they droped the steering tube 10mm and lowered the shock a little? Also got different offset clamps too I think.


yes the real 2010's and 2011's have the new frame (xcw 10 and all 11"s)

How can you tell if you have the "real" 2010 bike? Not an '09 sold as a '10?

You can see and measure the difference. The older frame has little steering tube above the top backbone tube where they meet. The new frame has twice as much. The old frame has the weld very close to the dust cap, the new has some tube showing.


How can you tell if you have the "real" 2010 bike? Not an '09 sold as a '10?

just dont get a 2010 Champions Edition and you will be fine:thumbsup:

Well, I guess that I have an '09, becaue I bought a supposed 2010 KTM530 EXC chapions edition.

is this true? or am I making something big out of nothing?

2010 champions edition is just a 2009 with 2010 vin, parts bin bike, been discussed many times, did not get any of the 2010 updates, just the CE sticker kit

so sorta on topic could you replace a 2010 frame with a 2008 without major problems seems that the only change is the angle of attack and from what you guys have said that only affects some 2010 and all 2011 exc's

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