help with a northern nh ride?


hey guys,

I am full time family man, which has included countless weekends shoveling and now spring clean-up. I dont get alot of riding time right now with the young kids, and live for the one weekend or two a year a buddy and me strap the tents and sleeping bags on the back of the dual sports and head for a long weekend of riding and camping. We camp in the plymouth area and go out exploring from there. in the past we have found some good class vi roads in the sandwich and campton area, not a whole lot, but are looking to head further north. dont want people to divulge anyones honey hole, but was wondering if someone could head us in the right direction, maybe some good towns up there...some of the area just north of there seems a bit mountainous. we are responsible and sensible riders. any body know of any great class vi roads that are accessible to dual sports without upsetting landowners and what not. My partner rides a dr and I ride an xr. I will be studying the atlas and google maps,but thanks for your in put!

Have you been to Warren, NH? Its up the road from Plymouth boardering the white mountain NF. You'll see ATV trails along the road going through the town. There are some really nice trails in that network and there is lots of good riding around there - very dirt bike / ATV friendly and worth investigating.

I agree I have seen some of these while passing through. I think we should check some of these out.

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