08 kx450f Shift leaver with 16 size boots.

Hey, I got a size 16 Alpine-star Tech 3 AT boot, its my first boot but I can already tell I'm going to need a longer shifter, any suggestions, I'm trying to find one for my bike and I can't. I don't want to spend more then 40 dollars.

The only shifters I know of that comes in different lenghts for boot sizes is the Hammerhead shifters.....Sorry to say they are more than $40.00......Just bite the bullet and get a Hammerhead shifter......They are awesome shifters.........

May have to, I bit the bullet yesterday and spent 400 on gear haha. But It will be worth it most likely.

But I can only find the long shifters for other bikes, not mine. Its weird.

Fastway lowboy pegs move the pegs back and down about .5 inch. with these and the +20 longer shifter head from hammerhead you can fit pretty much any size you want there. This combo with size 14 is too much and need the +10 from hammerhead instead.

I tried to move the shifter up one spline to clear my size 15 tech 8's and it sucks. Always miss shifting from 1st to 2nd. I just need to man up and get the Hammerhead shifter like yourself.

There's a guy on e bay who has them continuously listed for $69 for the KX450.

Size 16 :ride:!

Rocky Mountain Tusk Levers are longer than stock and under 20 bucks, cheap enough to buy and get cut if needed and reweld with heli-arc. just .45 the cuts to ensure strong weld.

Tusk Shift Levers are "Designed to match OEM specifications." meaning they're the same size.

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