'01 RM125 pro circuit pipe fit question?

Looking for a used pro circuit pipe for an '01 rm125. Don't want to pay $200 for a new one, for this used bike. The pipe on there now is a pro circuit works and it's a little thin and rusted with pinholes in spots. Anyone had experience with newer year RM pro circuit pipes fitting this bike. I've found a few pipes used online, but they are for an '03(2) and and a '05. Does anyone here have a used pro circuit pipe for this bike they want to sell?

Nobody with experience on this subject? Or even educated guess? I can't spend $200 on a pipe for this bike. Just not deserving or worth it.

i'd think the 03 pipe would fit just fine. They are the same bike, changes are in 04 and 05. what does the pro circuit application chart say?

I wasn't aware of application chart. I just went to website and saw different model numbers for each pipe. I was thinking '01 thru '03 should be the same but would like to be 100% sure before I spend money on a used one and it might not fit correctly.

are you looking for a silencer also?

No, just the pipe. Have pro circuit silencer with fairly new packing.

same here...well an extra

goodluck finding what you want

are you looking for a silencer also?

What silencer do you want to sale?

pro circuit factory racing stainless steel one i believe is what its called. looks like the 304.

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