Clutch wear questions

Hey, I've got a 2009 250 2-stroke (250SX but I dont think thats important). I bought it from a racer with '5 hours' :confused: on it and since then its been used for hardcore trail riding :worthy: for almost 1 and a half years. All of this on the original clutch parts.

How long do clutch plates and springs last for?

When you click the bike into gear with the cluch in, the bike tries to move forward an inch and the idle decreases a fair bit. To start it in gear you need to twist to full throttle towards the end of the kick and it doesnt really want to start.

The lever is adjusted properly and there is no air in the line, so thats ok.

Also, would I need a micrometer or a caliper to measure the thickness of the plates?

Thanks, Mike. :thumbsup:

IMHO, it's less of a steel/fiber plate or pressure plate/spring issue with your clutch and more of a wear issue with the basket and inner hub. When they start to wear, they'll get notches in them that hold the plates in place instead of allowing them to slide freely. This is what causes the drag that causes the RPMs to drop and the bike to lurch a bit when going from neutral to in gear. Unless abused, the steels and fibers last a long time on KTMs. A short term fix is to carefully file the notches down on he basket and inner hub. It won't take it to "as new" specs and it won't last as long as new parts before they notch again, but it'll help you put of dropping the $$$ on those parts.

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