96 XR 250 bogging and dying on rough terrain at high speeds :(

hey all

sory for posting loads of threads recently :thumbsup:

getting my bike back to ship shape after 3 years...

Got everything running good after struggling days and days with the bloody fuel screw :worthy:

Now she rides fine and all is well except when i ride over rough terrain at high speeds... Then it stalls and dies.

If i hit the magic button after coming to a stop she fires right up. Sometimes can drop the clutch and re-start on the fly.

Doesn't happen when i ride fast on tarmac

doesn't happen riding at 40-60kmh on rough terrain...

ANy thing around 80k and over on bad roads and she dies...

Bloody annoying :confused:

Any ideas boys...

I checked the sparkplug socket thing and it's fitting nice and tight.

Theb bike is a JDM spec so i don't think it's got a ressistor to go bad.

I'm pretty sure it's some kinda loose wiring somewhere but most of em appear to be in ship shape

Possibilities: Float level too low; anti splash baffle on main jet missing or dislodged; or both.

I am having the same issue bro. I have not stated messing with it yet. I found that my xr 650 did the same thing to me as well

I'm gonna go with Creeky on this. Float level too low.

I believe the spec for minimum drop is 12.5mm. Max drop is usually set way too much from the factory. It's probably around 22-25mm currently. Decreasing it to 17.5mm or so will prevent the float from flopping around excessively between float stops on rough terrain, causing an engine stumble.

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