Jetting Problem (i think)

I have been riding at about 7000 feet in 50-60 degree weather and this past weekend I rode at 4700 in about 90 degree weather. I set up my fuel screw to where i always have it at this track and it ran fine in practice but as it got hotter throughout the day it began to cut out and sounded like it was hitting the rev limter as i rapped it out, 3/4 to full throttle. Do you guys think because it was so hot that i should have leaned it out? And if so should I have leaned out the main or what? Thanks!!

Yes you need to change jetting according to elev and temp. The mixture screw is a good start but if it's cutting out at 3/4 throttle you might want to lower the needle a notch or two by raising the clip position. If it's cutting out at higher than 3/4 throttle then you would want to change out the main to one smaller

thanks a lot!

Fuel screw is for idle only. It has nearly zero effect at 3/4 throttle, that is all clip poistion as Swede stated.

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