How to Hook up a Two-Wire Tail Light

Hi, all.

I am swapping out my stock tail-light with a smaller one, but it has only two wires to it. I am assuming that it grounds through the base.

I am not that good at reading wiring diagrams, so I am looking for a little help.

I would like to snip the stock connector from the stock tail-light and attach it to the new aftermarket light. I can easily attach a ground wire to the base, but I am unsure which wire is which on my 2009 wiring. I think one wire is connected to the two brake switches (and connect to the brighter filament), one is the regular running light (constant power) and goes to the dimmer filament, and the third is the ground. I am just not sure which is which on the harness going to my tail-light.

I would normally check with my multimeter, but it is on the blink.

Can anyone help me figure out which is which? I think I have it figured, but I want to make sure.


** I think I found it after I searched the forum again: Black is ground, white/black is the brake, and grey is the tail-light. Is that correct? I would like to delete this message now that I found it, but I can't seem to find a way to do it. Sorry!

Black with white stripe is ground

White with black stripe is brake light

Grey (that connects to brown) is tail light

Excellent! Thanks for that. I will go out now a take a look.

Thanks again.:thumbsup:

Most likely it is a running light only...not a brake light.

Most likely it is a running light only...not a brake light.

It is labelled as a tail/brake light and came with a dual filament bulb. It is most likely for a trailer, but it works fine in this case.

I will post some images once I get the bike up and running. Lots of accident damage to tend to before the plastics go back on. :thumbsup:

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