43mm fork caps clicker broke (ktm)

The preload adjuster clicker on top of my fork broke, like it would just spin, so i took the cap off and looked at the bottom and the little plastic peice that sticks into the tube was sticking out really far, so i tried to see if it would press in and it snapped. Does anybody know where i can get a new fork cap at, or the plastic peice?

I have one extra adjuster part laying here but dont' know if we're talking of the same part. The part I have is the phillips head threaded part that presses up against the rebound adjuster tube. You can buy all of the parts to rebuild the adjuster portion of the cap. There's two ball bearings, spring, two orings, plastic adjuster, and plastic knob. They're kind of a pain to get snapped in there correctly and you gotta make sure the phillips part I'm talking of is threaded fully CCW and lined up before you snap the knob in there. And after you do that you can't turn it CW without the cap installed on the rod b/c you'll run the plastic adjuster part down the cap too far and separate the two parts and have no rebound adjustment. It will just spin and spin.

Hope this helped you and if you need this part I can mail it to you.


is it the black nob on the cap? if so thats it.

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