Shock rebuild parts not fitting

I've had my current bike (2001 CR250R) for a couple of years now and decided to get the right springs and refresh the shocks and forks. I've done the forks a couple of times so I figured the shock would be about the same.

I ordered the Pivot Works shock rebuild kit (PWSHR-H05-000) to do the job. I got everything apart fine. Unfortunately I cut the old piston band to get it off. Of course the new one is a different size, should have checked that first I guess :thumbsup::banghead:.



I also noticed that the new shaft nut is different. The original is a typical bolt but the new one is a castle nut.


So two questions. Is it OK to use the castle nut or should I and can I reuse the original? I've read that you need a new one and if so where do I get that?

Second. What's up with the piston band? The previous owner had the shock rebuilt professionally, I can tell because it had the build sticker on it. All of the writing is worn off so I can't get any details about what was done. Maybe I have an aftermarket piston?

Any help would be appreciated.

The castle nut is ok -- be sure to put red loctite on it. Or you could reuse the other one -- it looks like an RT nut that has the sprayed on locking agent on it -- put red loctite on it if you reuse it.

It looks like it has a newer style showa piston in it , they have a wider band on them .

The part number stamped on the side is kz3a0 sa-1. I was not able to find anything definitive about what year or where this came from.

Anyone have a cross reference that would tell me what I have?:thumbsup:

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