I have been driving safely for about 28 years and, with the price of gas going constantly upwards, I'm thinking of getting my street bike licence. I have also done some riding off-road so my balance and control are pretty good. Here's the thing; I have an eyesight condition that's not correctable with lenses. If you already hold a BC (Canada) driving licence do you need to take an eye test to get a bike licence?

every time i have gone to upgrade my licence they give me an eye test .

i am in the other side of the world , i cant see it making any difference though

They have eye test for a reason...

Now when you go to the DMV for a license...there is an eye test.....I need glasses and I thought when I got my license renewed I was in big trouble......But its just a little machine that you look into and read the letters to the person at the desk........it was not that bad at all...........

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