Where are the timing marks on an 04 RM85?

I've searched all over with no luck to try and get the timing specs for my wife's 85. I'm convinced that my local dealer's service department is mentaly challenged since they had no clue to the answer. .....I pulled the flywheel cover off and don't see any marks on the flywheel. I do see 2 marks on the case and one on the plate the stator bolts to, up towards the left. That seems strange to me since I've always used a dial indicator to set the timing on my 250's. Not sure if those marks are for the timing and if they are how would that be accurate since I would not know the piston height from TDC?....anyways any help would be awsome:thumbsup:

I didn't think you time one by the flywheel. I thought the Flywheel was keyed and can only go on one way with no adjustment. I thought you timed one by the stator behind the flywheel and the marks are on the case and the stator not the flywheel. IDK that is what I thought..am I wrong?

The marks on the stator plate and the case line up to set the timing. Some people adjust it before or after to adjust the timing, but lined up is stock. I used to run my 86 YZ250 2mm advanced for more top end.

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