Boyesen exhaust flange, who sells them??

Hi all, im trying to find a Boyesen exhaust flange for my 03 CR 250. Sounds simple i know, just go to the boyesen web site and order one right.....wrong i did that and put in the model details of the bike and 4 different flanges came up. So i send them an email saying i want to purchase one of these flanges and asking which one suits my bike and have'nt had a reply and that was over a week ago:banghead:. Since when is there 4 exhaust flanges to suit a 02-07 CR 250 anyway. Ive tried a few bike shops locally and the one place that can get them says they can order one in but it will cost me over $200 and the Boyesen web site lists them for $85 so obviously the local bike shop can stick it:foul:,tried TT store and cant find them there either so does anybody know where i can get one from. Any help would be appreciated:thumbsup:

I got one from pro circuit a while back. If I remember right it was like 20-30$. Looks like it was cnc machined.

Your local bike shop was thinking rad valve most likely they have no idea what the exhaust flange is. I have one, and the pipe o rings are incredibly small, but the flange fits the jug perfectly, so I ordered several more orings as a back up. If I get a hold of the pro circuit flange (it has a thicker oring like the stocker) Ill shoot you a pm about the Boyesen.

I didnt know pro circuit makes them as well, i will check that out.

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