te250 hard to start

i have purchased a te250 2004 with a 300 kit and a 38mm tc mikuni carb . this bike will only start if i open the throttle 1/2 way . this should be a no no for a 4 stroke but if i try and start on the button with the throttle closed it wont start and you can smell fuel as if it is to rich . open the throttle up and hold it about 1/2 way and she fires right up . bike shop told me the float bowl was to high and flooding the engine but no fuel spills out of the over flow even when sitting on the side stand .

once the bike is running it goes fine and idles OK. I did find out that the bike was used as a flat track bike so would the jetting be different . the tail pipe is sooty and spark plug slighty black in colour . this is a carb problem what type.

valve are spot on, fresh fuel, clean air filter

any ideas please


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