250f-150 2t

i am 6ft tall 180 lbs i have a 08 kx250f i like the bike a lot but am thinking a light 2t would be fun and less expensive to run...ktm 150...200..and sugestions for me ...thank you

Two totally different bikes. 250f you can be lazy on, pull inside lines extremely easy. 150 you will be in for a huge workout between fanning and slipping the clutch in corners and just overall using more energy to go just as fast as the 250f. People can say all day 125/150 two strokes are equal to a 250f but they are not. Maybe on paper, but in real world on a track the 250f is superior. With that being said, I really like riding my 125, I ride it more then I do my 250f.

Two totally different bikes. 250f you can be lazy on, pull inside lines extremely easy. 150 you will be in for a huge workout between.

LOL it is not a huge workout....

If you are trail riding, then you will want the 200. If you're racing, get the 150.

dude it totally is a huge workout. I can ride my rm250 on the track all day without gettin too tired, 125s i have to bust my ass to keep it goin fast

I have both.... the 150 will require you to stay aggro the whole time. Most definately fun and cheaper in the end.

I would just stick with what you have.

There is a time and place for 2 strokes and 4 strokes a like.

I love my 125SX, but I will for sure be buying a KTM 250F in the future because its easier to ride. What you loose in money from service costs, you gain in ease of operation on the track. You can't beat the smooth torque curve and the hook-up a 4 stroke gives.

One thing to think about when it comes to riding a 125 is the simple fact, to get any power on the ground it requires higher RPM's and the rear is usually sliding all the time. With bikes that have more torque, its not a big deal, the 4 stroke you can lug around the track and maintain a decent pace. With a 125, you're pinned everywhere and it leads to a better understanding of grip levels at a cost of keeping the bike under control. When you're constantly fighting the machine, you do expel more energy for sure. Kids don't get this problem because they're kids, but adults will notice a difference for sure.

I think everyone who actually cares about how well they ride, should have a 125 at some point in there life. They're a great teaching tool, they are a blast to ride and easy to maintain. I will never sell my 125SX, I've put way too much energy into building it and love every moment we spend on the track together. But in the end for someone like me who actually wants to progress up the food chain, being an adult... I have to ride something that is easier to ride and sadly... thats a 4 stroke... :thumbsup:

Why don't you just get a 250 2 stroke? You can be lazy (yes, it will have more low-end torque than your 250f), but it will have far more top-end power to give you lots a "headroom" to develop as a rider.

I'm a 2 bike guy myself. I always keep a 125 for fun (currently an RM 125), and a 250 smoker for trail riding and harescramble racing (currently a 250 SX). If I had to choose one, it would probably be the 250, just because of the versatility.

250 two stroke is just as bad as a 125. Yes it has more power, but it will ware you out even quicker then a 125 on the track due to its violent hit. IDK where everybodies magic 2 stroke 250's are cmoing from but my 05 kx had very little bottom end compared to a 250f. Plain and simple if you want to be lazy ride a four stroke, if you really want to ride aggresively to go fast ride a two stroke. For what its worth, back to back on the same day and same track, iw as faster on my 250f that on my 05 kx 250 smoker.

^^^ I concur.... while very fun and probably cheaper, the 250f is way easy and I am faster back to back with my 250f. You don't as much for mistakes. You may not like the transition from 250f to 150 as much as you think... good luck either way.

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