Dual Sport Bridge

Who's ridden one of these?

Looks fun.

I'd be the dude that fell off half way through...

Not gunna lie, i wouldn't do it.....

I would have to try. It just looks too cool not to do it. But I would probably end up in the drink.

I'd try it on a Chinese ds not my drz though. Some of those made me sick to my stomach.

I'd try it on a Chinese ds not my drz though. Some of those made me sick to my stomach.

Like when the one was completely submerged? :thumbsup:

I might fall off, I might not. But it would be fun!

Looks sketchy, a little on the flimsy side. God help you if some smart azz followed you onto the ramp and stopped while you rode past the middle point. It also looks like it could use some cross members to keep it from flexing side to side.

thats pretty crazy! dont know if I would try?

Looks like something from a trials competition. I suck at trials, but I might try it.

Dude that's awesome! Looks easy from that vantage point, but in the related videos section on utube was a video from one guy who stuffed his front end when he came over the teeter too hot. Looks MUCH more ominous going over it from the riders view!

But hell, I'd do it.

20 years ago heck yes.

Now now.

That wooden frames flexing a lot when they come off it.

I'd give it a try.:thumbsup:

I wouldn't go 1st, but i'm with ccman, i'm in.

Lol'd at 3:57 I also noticed he is wearing mechanix gloves i thought i was the only one who did that :thumbsup:

I may not make it across the first time haha but I would give it a shot!!!

Who's ridden one of these?

Are you going to build we can try at Hanging Rock, or do we have to wait for the Nutcracker?

The keys seems to be pausing at the top to wait for the front to drop some. All the guys that crashed came down too fast before the front end 'landed'.

Wonder if it would hold a 650L coming in a bit hot... I'm not sure I could resist taking it.

OK, I'm sure.... I'd have to try it!


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