1998 kx 250 suspension set up

I have a 98 kx 250 with rebuilt suspension that is just settled in im looking for advice as to where i should start at, the forks seem fine but the shock is giving me trouble what should the static sag be set at and the riders sag? im

5'11 and weigh 95 kilos.Also where should i set my clickers to as a starting point?

It is always best to increment slowly, from the stock settings.

i guess i can find them on google but the spring is not set for my size my mate who had it before me is 6'6 andover 100kgs so its set to suit him the back end is way to stiff and keeps tryin to kick me over the bars i think the spring is the main problem

You're wasting your time trying to work around wrong springs.

The shocks on those bikes were very good. It was the garbage progressive springs in the forks that everyone hated.

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