taking my daughter out to ride for first time...

I've got a bike borrowed, helmet and most gear but the boots will not fit her.

Anybody got good idea of good cheap alternative? I suppose I could get some kind of boots from walmart or something.

just get the hunting boots or work boots from walmart or something. might have to get a boys pair

I wouldn't suggest doing that. Those boots offer very little real protection. Ask how I know

There's great kids gear all over eBay. Lots of lightly used gear for good prices.

Go buy some used gear on ebay if you're really on a budget.

Depending on how young the kid is or her size, there may not be mx boots taht fit her. If that's the case workboots should be fine. They aren't ideal, protectionwise, but they're better than sneakers.

be sure to tape the shoestrings down...

There are three things I would never cheap out on if I had a kid: Helmet, boots, and a chest protector.

Whatever you decide to go with... make sure to buy her $10 soccer shin guards from Walmart. You will NOT regret it.

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