07 450 cluch

i have play in the clutch plates like side to side in the basket and the basket has a very small amount of play in it is this normal??

yes, but post a photo of the basket teeth after removing a few of the metals and fibers.. The basket teeth will get notched much sooner than the inner basket. Some notching is ok, but it will get worse. The clutch will still work even with big notches, but the clutch action when you let the lever out will begin to get weird.

Just a suggestion, and i know your new to this and excited to have a bike.. (i see 10 posts to date..but all are new threads asking "how do i..." ) . You are gonna need to learn to use the search feature. All your threads have been on pretty basic things.. gonna use up your welcome kinda fast if ya know what i mean. At least SAY ya did a search, and quote something from a thread you reviewed so readers think ya make an effort to help yourself .. lol..

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i always try to find stuff but when i cant, i ask stuff here btw wat am i soposed to post if i dont have a question.. i have a bad noise and have no clue wat it is

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