Lighitin questions 2011 250/300xc

Which stator comes stock in these bikes, 2k3 or 2k2? How many watts stock? What about floating the ground in the stator?

2011,, I am not sure on that new of a year. Is it e-start? You can float the ground for sure. The KTMtalk OEM parts finder is not working at the moment so I can't check there. Have you pulled the flywheel to look at the stator? What do you want to run? In stock form even a 2K3 leaves a little to be desired. The stock wire is small and does not fill up each post as much as it could. I think you have e-start and that is what they are calling a 2k4?? it is bolted to the stator cover like the 4 strokes and a wet stator. If all my assumptions are correct you should be able to run an 8 inch 35 watts HID just fine and your already set up for DC due to the E-smart. However, you may have two outputs from the stator, one that is rectified for the starter/battery the other is plain AC to run a halogen light. In that case you simply rectify both AC feeds from the stator to up your watts. Clear as mud right, if you have a multimeter you can figure out what you have real fast.


Go figure the parts finder just started working. That is the new stator with the e-start. I might be talking out my ass but that stator still looks like a plain old 2k3 stator. Sure the fluwheel is different because it has to mate with a bendix for the e-start. If that is nothing more than a 2k3 stator assembly mounted to the flywheel cover you should be golden to do just about anything you would like to do up to 100 watts by re-winding and floating the ground. I wish I had that stator in my hand right now to see.



stock 2k3


re-wound 2k3


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