oil leaking out of silencer

I have a dep silencer and I after I rode yesterday my swingarm was coated with oil from it dripping out the back of the silencer where the bolts are to take it apart what could be wrong?

That's where the remains of the oil in the pre mix finally go: Out the pipe. My guess is the packing is saturated. Can't tell you anything else, can't be that hard to figure it out.

like yamaguy said, repack your exhaust, silastic the join where silencer and header meet (and the front too). You may need to rejet due to the new exhaust have you looked into this? also how much oil are you pouring in her?

I was told it was jetted perfectly and I bought the bike used so it had the silencer on it its not leaking out the end cap its coming out the other end and I did repack it im running 40 :1

Does it seem down on power, or sputtering or bogging? If so it could mean a bad clutch side crank seal. Otherwise, Id repack the silencer, and clean out your powervalve.

Only time I had that happen was when either my packing was saturated, i was running rich or running too much oil with my fuel

No, it is smoking a light blue smoke though

Being told its jetted perfectly, and it actually being jetted perfectly are two different things. May want to look into a plug test, there are tons of threads out there on how to do it, but basically you need a few brand new plugs, and a pretty big expanse of land.

Could it be a possibility of a crank seal leaking allowing the crank case oil into the cylinder and going out of the silencer just a thought so correct me if I'm wrong

I have a Q-Stealth and always have spooge dripping, just takes a couple seconds to wipe it up. The bike runs perfect from top to bottom, no bogs, no sputters, I've rejetted numerous times and taken it to reputable mechanics and the consensus is: if it runs good don't worry about. I'm no expert, just my two cents.

It is a two stroke, with a total loss oil system. It has to go somewhere.....

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