Safari Gas Tank Wear

I put a Safari 4.5gal (19L) tank on my ’09 DRZ400S last year. It has been on for about 4.5K miles.

This spring while doing some maintenance I noticed some interference wear between the right top of the engine and the tank and also between the DRZ frame and the rear of the tank.

See the photos below. The black marks on the tank are the wear marks.

I am most concerned about the interference between the tank and the engine.

My DRZ and the Safari tank have all the stock foam and rubber blocks installed.

I have contacted (the retailer/distributor) and they have contacted the manufacturer. I don’t have a solution from either one of them yet, but it is too early to complain about that. Either with their help or on my own I will raise the tank about 0.5” and support the rear of the tank differently.

Has anyone seen this problem? If so, what was your solution?



never seen that before , i used the Safari tank years ago with my stroker motor and had no issues .

I may have a warped tank.

The rubber mounts on the side of the DRZ frame appear to be the same distance from the top of the bike's frame.

The two features on the tank that mate to these rubber mounts appear to be at different distances from the bottom of the tank. The right side closer than the left. This would explain why the top of the engine on the right side is supporting the tank.

A warped tank would explain why I am the Lone Ranger on this problem.

I have sent my thoughts and additional photos to justgastanks and Safari. Hopefully, I will have a positive resolution to this problem. They have been responsive so far.

See the tank photo below.


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