Rusted frame, what paint will stop it?

hi guys, i got a 2002 rm 125

near the footpegs the frame is bare steel. i was wondering what paint i can use to stop it spreding. i already tried tremclad, so anyother ideas??:thumbsup:

You have to get rid of the rust to stop rust. I'm not sure what paint is out there that slows rust. Once oxidization has started, it's very hard to stop. I have rust on my foot peg mounts. I just haven't been worried enough to do anything about it. lol

Any paint you put there is just going to rub off from you boots. I guess you could paint it and then add a frame guard, but why bother? Ride the bike and enjoy!

Sandblast it and use a high quality paint or powdercoat.

POR 15. Its expensive but it works, and its tough as nails.

POR 15. Its expensive but it works, and its tough as nails.

X 2. POR 15 works great!

Powdercoat it.

I powdercoated my YZ frame seven years ago and it still looks like new. Stuff is bulletproof. Did the same to my new (old) new YZ build. PC'd everything; frame, subframe, swingarm, and hubs. Looks killer. All black. Murdered it out. You can't beat powdercoating.

$160 to do the frame. No prep required, just knock the mud off it and wash it. My PC guys do the rest; paint chem-stripping, bead-blasting, hole & bearing race masking.

I'm liking the powder coat idea. dont know anywhere near me that woud do it tho.,, what is the POR 15 stuff just a tougher paint???

Por 15 is a gas tank treatment kit, first part neutralizes the rust/oxidation, then the next part is like an epoxy that keeps the loose junk from flaking.

There are other rust treatments like naval jelly, ospho etc the trick is finding a paint or finish that will stand up to the wear in that area. One guy used a roll on bed-liner material.PC is more durable but still not permanent. Clean the rust apply finish then use Stomp Grip/skateboard tape/ frame guards to keep from rubbing the paintoff again.

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