oil filter & fuel filter on CRF230F

anybody know if the CRF230F has a fuel or oil filter?

i think i read somewhere that it does not have an oil filter.. but what about a fuel filter?

thanks guys!

Nope. No fuel filter. But there is a little screen cup/strain when you take out the oil drain bolt followed with a spring.

Fuel filter screen is built into the top of the fuel petcock. You do not need any other filter.

If you plan to take off the petcock and look at the filter be sure to have a replacement O ring or it is going to leak.

You should be able to look into the fuel filler hole and see the filter.

groovy thanks guys!

Oil filter is on the end of the crankshaft next to the clutch and must be removed to replace the clutch plates. Clean it then.

just found a manual to download online.. reading through it now :thumbsup:

i see how it works now :confused:

Once you have drained the oil, remove the clutch cover casing, the centifugal oil filter is the round thing on the end of the crank, removes the screws that hold the cover on, and clean out the inside. THen put it all back together, you might need a new gasket for the clutch cover

I do mine every couple of thousand miles or so, remember to clean the gauze filter behind the drain plug as well

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