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05-07 Cam Spun / Suzuki Chain tensioner tip

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first I have a question. Is there a way to see if a intake cam has spun? And I dont mean, looking at the dots...ect.. those are never accurate because a chain can strech.

Really my question is, if you have the cam off can you tell? I hear the hole in spocket should line up with outer lobe? Can anyone answer this question? thanks.

Next question, Does anyone know what the torque is supposed to be on the cam retainer? I heard it changed or got revised? Please advise.


next, a pro suzuki rider told me that they use to adjust the timing chain adjuster at TDC then lock the adjuster ect... Then you take the whole assembly out... Measure the rod from the base of the tensioner... Then manually add on another 1/4 mm to it by doing this with it off the bike. Then put back into bike, and your chain will be slighly tighter than what the adjuster would have done.

Also to clear some stuff up. You really should really rely on timing marks to set timing. get close with them....., then put a long rod in the pug hole, and rotate until you ride true TDC.... Then align your exhaust cam.... then count 15 teeth for the intake, then your done...

But the question is...... How do you know if your cam could have spun? There has to be a way to check off the bike....

And does anyone know the right torque for the camshaft retainer? what is the torqe pattern also?

thanks much

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first indication if a single cam has skipped would be if there aren't 15 pins from top dot to top dot.

If you are asking about the torque of the 10mm bolts that hold the cam journals in, it is 7 ft lbs.

fyi... manual with torque values is herehttp://www.whodis.net/RMZ450.pdf

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