2009 YZF 250 Fork Rebuild Issues

I just finished helping a friend rebuild his sons YZF forks. One side was leaking so we replaced both sides, just seals and wiper, not the bushings (reused old ones).

Now when the bike was put back together, the front end did not want to move, like it was binding or something. Can anyone tell me what to look for?

I have rebuilt a few forks and never had this problem.

A few observations:

-We put 350ml of oil in each shock. The book called for 10.9oz, so we went with 11ish.

-We cleaned all parts, bushings and outside of inner chamber, we did not change the oil in the inner chamber, we did not pre-oil anything either, the bushings/seals were dry except for a very small amount of grease on the seal and wiper.

-When we put the oil in the fork , there was not enough to cover the space between the lower fork tube and the top fork tube, how does lube(oil) get in that space to lube the bushings? Could this be our error?

no don't worry you did it right , but do a search on fork alignment as that sounds like the problem

Thanks bud, I knew someone would answer. Your the best!!!

I will look up what you suggested.:thumbsup:

Thanks mog, that is exactly what it was!!

The right side of the axle was sticking out about 1/2 inch. After we did the routine to center the tire in the forks and it was almost flush. And the forks were butter!!

Thanks again!!:smirk:

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