Ballinger OHV


Anyone been up to Ballinger recently? I was going to head out to Gorman this weekend with my girlfriend, but seeing as how they have a race there this weekend, I think I'll avoid it. So now I am considering Ballinger. Anyone been recently? Is it open? Too muddy? Too cold? Too snowy? Any locals' input would be very much appreciated!

If you decide to come to Gorman afterall . . . come by and say hello . . . a few of us will be racing for the first time!!! Or show up early and race with us!!! We were chatting about Ballinger last week . . . I heard that it is open, stay away if it's raining or has recently as the mud there is supposed to be awful. I was told that some of the trails out there are pretty tough and some are rather exposed, but I haven't made the trek all the way out there just yet.

Ballinger is open. Should be a bit dusty but usually has no crowds especially if there a race at Gorman. Schmo is correct, the trails go from easy fire road to tight single track and some of the upper trails do have some serous pucker factor exposure. There's only about a full days worth of trails before you start to do the same thing over again. Super fun place for a day or two, but gets small after that.

Good luck and let us know how it was. I plan a ride up there in the next 3 weeks or so.


I'll be camping there thursday (arrive in the evening) the 19th through sunday the 22nd if anyone wants to meet up. Unfortunatley my big orange turd is on siesta at the dealer so I'll be on my little 250, but I can certainly show anyone around and take you on some :crazy:cliff hangers:eek: or SSS;). No snow, no mud, and the wildflowers are still in bloom on the hillsides :thumbsup:

A group of us will be at ballinger this coming sunday 8/28/11 if anyone would care to join. We can cater rides to beginners or experts depending on who shows up!

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