Blinkers On XR650R Barely Work While Idling

I have a 2000 XR 650R with a Baja Designs Dual Sport Kit on it and the blinkers barely work while idling. As soon as I crack the throttle and hold the RPM's up they start to work and they also work if I only have the small day light running light on instead of the headlight...

I have replaced the Baja Designs Battery and Regulator and when I charged the battery it hold a charge to where you can turn on the switch and have the headlight turn on without the bike started but after about 2 rides nothing turns on until the bike is started...

I dont mind rewinding and upgrading the stator but will that fix the problem? I have also heard that BD makes a flasher that doesnt need as much voltage to make the turn signals work...

Rather than just changing parts, you should buy a voltmeter and do some trouble shooting.

Your first description (no blinkers at idle) would be low battery capacity, but good charging circuit.

Your second description (blinders work at idle after battery is charged) would be no charging circuit but good battery.

Just check battery voltage under all these conditions and it should be obviouis what is not working.

Mine does that because i run a 55 watt headlight bulb with the stock stator. With the lower wattage standard bulb ,35 watts, the system should be able to keep up.

Un plug the headlight and check voltage at idle then check with it plugged in.

The stock stator really sucks..

LED flashers take a LOT less juice and you can probably get by with that if you don't need to ride at night. A stator rewind will run it as is with no problem.

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